Gwinnett’s pro-business climate has been tested and verified by more than 35,000 businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to multi-billion-dollar corporations. These companies have found something in Gwinnett that few, if any, other community can claim – access to tomorrow, today. Gwinnett boasts a diversity of population that emulates what researchers say will be the norm across the country in the year 2040. The county stands as a true living laboratory for enterprise and lifestyle – a model community for innovation and sustained success.

Gwinnett is a leader in the state as a minority-majority community with 25 percent of its population born outside of the United States and a 78.6 percent diversity index. However, Gwinnett’s diversity is reflected not only in its ethnic makeup but across all areas of the community. From multifamily to country club communities, international shopping centers to walkable mixed-use developments, major highways to scenic routes, and urban town-centers to industrial parks – there is over $2 billion in development coming out of the ground in Gwinnett and there is something here for everyone. This unique mix gives companies a glimpse into the future and provides an environment for testing ideas, products and concepts making it the perfect location for innovative companies with eyes on success in 2040 and beyond.

Gwinnett is trending to surpass one million residents in the next decade which will make it the most populated county in Georgia. A leading cause for this surge is Gwinnett’s award-winning school system. The ability to educate and prepare a talent pipeline with a global perspective is a key method for sustained success. With over 100 languages spoken in the homes of Gwinnett Public Schools students, and more STEAM/STEM options than any other place in the country, Gwinnett’s youngest residents are learning and preparing to compete in a global marketplace. These students are able to follow a clear path from Pre-K to Ph.D. without ever leaving the borders of this community. Partnerships between Gwinnett Public Schools and Gwinnett’s nationally recognized post-secondary institutions, which include Georgia Gwinnett College, Gwinnett Technical College, UGA Gwinnett and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, align with Gwinnett’s goal to develop, retain and attract talented professionals who lead and contribute to our next generation economy.

In addition, Gwinnett’s business climate supports and invests heavily into small businesses and entrepreneurs who favor an innovative climate to grow or build their company. Gwinnett has more than 250,000 square-feet of incubator and accelerator space across nearly a dozen facilities, including the latest addition, Atlanta Tech Park, in Gwinnett’s Technology Park. Gwinnett is also home to the Gwinnett Angels, a member-led chapter of the Atlanta Technology Angels, which has invested more than $650,000 into Gwinnett startups in 2017 alone.  These initiatives and resources make Gwinnett a constant source of new ideas and an ideal location for today’s top talent.

These diverse global offerings are coupled with a comprehensive community and economic development strategy, which starts with Partnership Gwinnett- a public and private economic development initiative designed to recruit, retain and expand businesses across the county. Currently, in its third 5-year strategy, Partnership Gwinnett has placed emphasis on collaboration and inclusion by bringing elected officials and educators into the same room with small business owners and global executives. This enhanced dialogue brings together voices and ideas from every corner of the community to tackle issues and promote the superior opportunities and quality of life that Gwinnett has to offer. This strategy has allowed Gwinnett to attract more than 600 internationally based companies from around the world and has provided the ecosystem for $78.5 million in foreign direct investment into the local economy.

Companies who start, relocate or expand in Gwinnett have a competitive advantage when it comes to sustained success. Gwinnett’s leadership, talent, innovative culture and global diversity ensure that companies advance and remain competitive- thus contributing to the capital investment, job creation and workforce development that a successful community demands. As a living laboratory, Gwinnett’s social and economic development is accelerating at a rapid rate. If an enterprise can succeed in Gwinnett today it will be poised to excel in America’s new global marketplace tomorrow.

The viewpoint is also featured in the Gwinnett Market Report in the Atlanta Business Chronicle HERE

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