Event focuses on engaging, educating, and energizing metro Atlanta developers and leaders

(GWINNETT- METRO ATLANTA) October 12, 2012— Partnership Gwinnett joined with The Council for Quality Growth to host the Annual Redevelopment Forum at Red Clay Theatre in Duluth. Attended by more than 200 local government officials, private developers, business and community leaders, architects, attorneys and urban planners, the event featured interactive discussions about energizing redevelopment in Gwinnett, creating the infrastructure for future investment, and using redevelopment as a catalyst for attracting and recruiting young, educated professionals.

“Redevelopment offers the chance to refresh and revitalize areas in Gwinnett that need a boost,” stated Gwinnett County Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash. “As leaders in Gwinnett, we know how important it is to have in place policies and practices to promote revitalization and support the future of our County.

The Forum featured Keynote Speaker Charles Waldheim, Chair of Landscape Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design. Waldheim spoke about landscape urbanism—an idea that landscape, rather than architecture, is more capable of organizing a community and enhancing the urban experience.

Joe Allen, Executive Director, Gwinnett Place CID stated, “As Gwinnett’s focus evolves from Greenfield development to redevelopment, the revitalization of second and third generation properties becomes crucial to the economic vitality of the area. Our work as a community is to ensure real estate professionals, developers and architects are informed of our redevelopment sites and are promoting their potential use.”

The event represents one of Gwinnett’s many efforts to bring redevelopment and revitalization to areas of the County, which is a necessity for attracting and recruiting young professionals to live, work, and play in its communities. This future generation is seeking non-traditional forms of housing and communities—a change Gwinnett is learning to embrace and implement through educational Forums such as this one.

“As we work to encourage redevelopment in our communities, we must understand that the next generation has different expectations for their community,” stated Michael Paris, President and CEO, Council for Quality Growth. “Housing options, walkability and locally owned businesses are each crucial factors attracting this demographic and must be considered in Gwinnett’s redevelopment efforts.”

In addition to its Annual Redevelopment Forum and Redevelopment Bus Tour, Partnership Gwinnett focuses on this subject through a targeted committee. The Partnership Gwinnett Redevelopment Task Force facilitates redevelopment by educating community members about top redevelopment tools and opportunities in the community.

“The success of this Forum speaks to the continual efforts of Partnership Gwinnett to cultivate redevelopment opportunities in our community,” stated Kellie Brownlow, Director of Economic Development, Gwinnett Chamber Economic Development and Partnership Gwinnett. “We designed this event to help educate community leaders and encourage developers to take the actions necessary to support revitalization and ensure a stronger community.”

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