PG 4.0 Campaign Booklet 7-22

2022-2026 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE 19 RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS/INITIATIVE BUDGET Our goal is to raise $3.5 million from private sector investors, in addition to public funding, to fully implement the Initiative during the next five years. Goal Annual Budget 5-Year Budget 1. Business Development $1 million $5 million 2. Talent Development $700, 000 $3.5 million 3. Community Development $300,000 $1.5 million Total Budget / Funding Need $2 million $10 million Notable new budget items: Project Manager, Professional & Corporate Services; Entrepreneurship Coordinator; Project Coordinator; and Redevelopment Coordinator Partnership Gwinnett will offer the following engagement opportunities based on level of investment: PLAN IMPLEMENTATION AND NETWORKING Annual investor meeting and economic forecast Quarterly Initiative implementation meetings Invitation to participate on international trade missions Invitation to exclusive events with elected and appointed local and state leaders, existing companies, and newly relocated or expanding companies LEADERSHIP Consideration for service on Partnership Gwinnett Executive Council Minimum of one exclusive briefingwith Partnership Gwinnett Vice President Economic Development each year MARKETING Listed on PreferredVendor List which is given to newly relocated and expanded companies Listing recognition on Partnership Gwinnett website 20% of total investment in Partnership Gwinnett can be applied to Partnership Gwinnett program sponsorship of company’s choosing INFORMATION Access to Partnership Gwinnett’s in-house research and customized research and analysis (upon request) INVESTOR ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES