PG 4.0 Campaign Booklet 7-22

PG4.0 ALWAYSADVANCING 2 A LETTER FROM THE CAMPAIGN CO-CHAIRS Since Partnership Gwinnett was founded about 15 years ago, Gwinnett has undergone tremendous change. We have grown significantly—soon approaching 1 million residents—and we have had great successes. We have top notch educational institutions, quality of life amenities, and leadership. We have incredible, innovative businesses of all sizes led by people from around the globe. Partnership Gwinnett has played a significant role in Gwinnett’s success and has accomplished a great deal, including 28,827 new jobs and $2.07 billion in capital investment since its formation. While there is much of which to be proud, there are many businesses and individuals who struggled during the 2020 pandemic, and Gwinnett’s average income is lower than the metro Atlanta and national averages. There is stiff competition, regionally, nationally and internationally, for top businesses and talent. Instead of waiting for the pandemic to pass, Partnership Gwinnett staff and volunteer leaders have been hard at work preparing to face these challenges. In 2020, Partnership Gwinnett engaged EY’s Economic Development Advisory Services to work with our community to develop a five-year strategic community and economic development initiative to build upon our strengths and to tackle our key challenges. The end product is an initiative that allows Gwinnett to continue to compete (and win!) on a global stage and continue the trajectory we have all worked so hard to build over the past two decades. The Partnership Gwinnett 4.0 Initiative (2022-2026) focuses on three strategic goal areas with measurable outcomes: (1) Business Development, (2) Talent Development, and (3) Community Development. We look forward to sharing the details of the Initiative with you. This is a critical moment as communities across the country examine who they are and who theywant to be. A strong economic development effort is critical to Gwinnett’s future. We will only be successful if all businesses and other stakeholders with an interest in the economic strength of Gwinnett step forward, engage in this effort and lead by investing in it. We trust that you will join us in driving economic prosperity for all in Gwinnett! Jennifer Fennell, Jackson EMC Campaign Co-Chair Jay Dennard, Northside Hospital Campaign Co-Chair