2021 Annual Report Individual Pages

2 PARTNERSHIP GWINNETT 2021 ANNUAL REPORT Valued investors and partners of Partnership Gwinnett, As 2021 comes to a close, I would like to thank our Partnership Gwinnett 3.0 investors. Because of your support during the past five years, in 2021, we experienced one of the strongest years in economic development growth in Gwinnett County’s history. Your significant investment in economic development efforts in Gwinnett County afforded your Partnership Gwinnett staff the ability to land 32 project wins translating into 2,977 new jobs created across the five target industries. Moreover, they continue to emphasize existing business in Gwinnett County and have encouraged tremendous business retention and expansion successes as well. As we embark on the pursuit of the Partnership Gwinnett 4.0 community economic development plan, the Partnership Gwinnett teamwill continue to focus on the three key goal areas of business development, talent development and community development. While these goals have not changed, with your help, we have calibrated the steps to be taken to maintain the momentum that exists to build upon each of those goals. The vision of the new economic development plan, like its predecessors, is to strengthen our business community, and for the promise of what together we may achieve, I am grateful. Thank you again for supporting Partnership Gwinnett. Your financial support has impacted the community in profound, positive ways. It is because of you and your business that together we continue to make Gwinnett a great place to live, work and play, and a place where businesses choose to grow.  It has been my pleasure to serve you and our wonderful community. J. Michael Levengood, 2021 Chairman FROM THE CHAIRMAN LisaWinton Goal 2 Chair Winton Machine Co. Jennifer Fennell Goal 1 Chair Jackson EMC Alyssa Davis Goal 3 Chair Sugarloaf CID J. Michael Levengood Chairman LawOffice of J. Michael Levengood