(GWINNETT- METRO ATLANTA) August 16, 2018 – Stradis Healthcare, a leader in medical device packaging and custom procedure kits, joined WorkSource Atlanta Regional and Partnership Gwinnett to celebrate Stradis Healthcare’s incumbent worker training success.

WorkSource Atlanta Regional, staffed by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), worked with Stradis Healthcare to provide a large reimbursement to offset a portion of the costs incurred while upgrading the skills of their entire staff. The retraining was made possible through WorkSource’s Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) program which is designed to improve the skills of employees and the competitiveness of an employer.

“Stradis is rapidly evolving as a leader in innovative and cost-efficient medical device packaging. The support from ARC has helped our company reinforce our position in the industry,” said Adam Sokol, president and co-founder of Stradis Healthcare. “Our employee training program was designed specific to our needs and has served our organization well, with new competencies for our employees and a positive future for our company overall.”

Stradis collaborated with WorkSource Atlanta Regional to modernize and integrate several organizational processes. For an entire year, the company committed to intensive employee training that helped to improve customer experience, making the system more attractive with real-time notifications, guaranteed delivery dates and fewer stock-outs.

“The real beneficiaries are our employees. Every single employee engaged in paid training spanning several months,” said Patrick Walker, vice president of operations for Stradis Healthcare. “Everyone’s skillset improved dramatically, making them a better fit for their new responsibilities, raising confidence in their work, and increasing their earnings potential. As a direct result of the transition, several employees have earned raises, and a few have already gotten promotions.”

Funded by the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, the IWT program allows eligible employers and their training provider to develop and submit a customized training plan and application. It’s one of several programs WorkSource Atlanta Regional offers to businesses to help them remain competitive.
“Helping local businesses find and retain talent is ultimately an investment in a strong regional economy. It keeps businesses here in metro Atlanta,” said Rob LeBeau, director of the Atlanta Regional Workforce Development Board. “We’re proud to support and reward the dedication of companies like Stradis Healthcare who took on the difficult but beneficial process of ensuring the employees have the right skills to be successful.”

Stradis has grown in Gwinnett for almost two decades, undergoing their most recent expansion in 2016.

“We’re proud of the tremendous growth happening at Stradis Healthcare,” said Charlotte Nash, chairman of the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners. “The investment in employee training by Stradis and ARC’s WorkSource program is a testament to our strong regional partnerships and our commitment to workforce excellence.”

The company plans to invest additional funds into workforce training to continue employee development.

“We are delighted to have innovative companies, like Stradis, who take pride in the skills and strength of their workforce located in our city, said Mayor Mike Mason of Peachtree Corners. “Stradis has invested in the people of this community and we believe there is no greater way to grow and elevate our talented labor force.”

“The remarkable relationship between WorkSource Atlanta Regional and Stradis is economic and workforce development in full circle,” said Adam Forrand, director of education and talent for Partnership Gwinnett. “Our local economy benefits from companies that value investing in training programs that advance their employees and overall corporate goals.”

To learn more about Stradis Healthcare, please visit www.stradishealthcare.com

To learn more about the Atlanta Regional Commission’s workforce efforts, please visit www.atlantaregional.org/workforce.

For more information, or to learn how to get involved in local economic development efforts, please visit www.partnershipgwinnett.com.


About Partnership Gwinnett Partnership Gwinnett is a public-private initiative dedicated to bringing new jobs and capital investment to Gwinnett County, Georgia. Since 2006, Partnership Gwinnett has worked with its local partners to attract and retain jobs, cultivate capital investment, support educational institutions, foster workforce development and contribute to the exceptional quality of life found in Gwinnett. Fueled by the support of over one hundred companies, municipalities, Gwinnett County, K-12 and higher education systems, the mission of Partnership Gwinnett is to strengthen the community’s diverse economy to compete in the global marketplace and position Gwinnett as the premiere place to live, work and play.

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