Price Industries joined Georgia Department of Economic Development and Partnership Gwinnett to announce the opening of its second facility in unincorporated Gwinnett County, metro Atlanta, Georgia. The announcement represents 170 jobs and $15M in capital investment for the community. 

Price Industries has purchased and occupied an additional 108,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, located at 20 Crestridge Drive, in unincorporated Suwanee. This new facility has enabled the relocation of products from other facilities, including some from Canada. While primarily manufacturing, this location also houses design and applications engineers who are specific to the products manufactured there, as well as salaried support staff. Price Industries is also developing new products to serve the OEM market from this facility.  

The company opened the facility with 130 employees, and expects that number to grow over time, adding 170 new jobs and will grow up to 300. It also expects to expand the facility within the next two years, planning to add 60,000 square feet of additional manufacturing space. In addition to the purchase of the building, Price Industries is outfitting the plant with new fabrication, welding, material handling, and finishing equipment. The 8,000 square-foot office has been completely renovated and furnished. The total capital investment will approach $15M. 

“We are fortunate to have chosen the State of Georgia, and in particular Gwinnett County, as the base of operations for our U.S. division,” said Price Industries Chairman and CEO Gerry Price. “The state is remarkably business friendly, and the County has demonstrated time and time again their commitment to local enterprise. The Georgia Department of Economic Development and Partnership Gwinnett have provided us with valuable assistance and a variety of programs, all contributing to our success in the region.”  

Price Industries conceptualizes, designs, and manufactures equipment and components for the non-residential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry (HVAC). With deep engineering and manufacturing expertise Price Industries serves its owners, design consultants and installing contractors, providing technical support and products for the most demanding projects.  

“I would like to thank Price Industries for continuing to choose Georgia as they expand and bring manufacturing jobs to our state. Georgia leads the nation in advanced manufacturing as well as workforce training programs, and I’m confident they will be very pleased with their decision to grow their footprint here,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Pat Wilson. “We are also grateful for the dedication of our partners in Gwinnett County who drive the creation of jobs and opportunities for their local communities.” 

The industry leader has three plants in the metro Atlanta area, two in unincorporated Suwanee (employing 750 people) and one in Auburn, Ga. (employing 375), as well as one plant in Casa Grande, Az. (employing 134). The first Suwanee location, which was built and opened in 1996, serves as its U.S. headquarters. 

“Price’s decision to expand its U.S. headquarters in Gwinnett is further proof that we are a leader in the manufacturing industry,” said Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners Chair Charlotte Nash. “Gwinnett provides the workforce, infrastructure, and collaborative business environment that these manufacturing leaders need to thrive, and we look forward to their longstanding success in our community.” 

Director, Business Retention & Expansion, Deven Cason, represented Partnership Gwinnett in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Economic Development and Jackson EMC on the project expansion. 

“Our diverse community and unmatched business environment provide the ideal location for Price Industries to expand and succeed now and in the future,” said Deven Cason, Director, Business Retention & Expansion, Partnership Gwinnett. 

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